What are the erebine moths? 

The erebine moths are a diverse group of moths with a range of adaptations, from a remarkable host plant breadth to a suite of behavior and morphology adapted for predator defense. Studies of the evolution of host plant use relevant to the study of pest species. Although different aspects of Erebinae biology are applicable to a range of disciplines from ecology to pest control, their study is limited by the lack of an evolutionary framework. For my masters research, I sought to broaden our understanding of the relationships within the Erebinae by increasing both taxon and gene sampling relative to the previous study of relationships within the Erebinae by Zahiri et al. (2012). I used anchored hybrid enrichment to capture 662 loci across 66 genera of Erebinae, and 93 taxa overall.  Analysis of this data through maximum likelihood, gene tree-species tree, and parsimony frameworks recovered robust results, and the publication of this study is forthcoming. These results further improve the definition of the Erebinae by establishing the placement of several genera with uncertain placement in the Erebinae with strong support.